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Utilising the latest in CAD including 3D solid works and electronics simulation techniques, coupled with extensive induction heating and mechanical handling expertise we are the complete problem solving package.
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Induction Forging
Inductelec have many mini melt induction melting systems operating in industry. Materials processed include gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and brass.
Induction Melting
Induction Hardening
Inductelec are able to offer a range of standard and bespoke induction heating systems for processing a range of traditional and non traditional components.
Induction Heating

Welcome to Induction Heating

Inductelec is based in the UK servicing installations around the world. Our specialities include specification, design, manufacturing, installation and ongoing servicing of Induction Heating Equipment in a wide range of sectors. Our commitment to our customers is unrivalled. We believe in a stakeholder relationship across our complete supply chain which provides long term benefits to you our customer. Specific areas of commercial activity include:

  • Induction Heating
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Equipment Installation
  • Induction Bending
  • Induction Brazing
  • Induction Melting
  • Induction Soldering
  • MF Induction Heaters & RF Induction Heaters
  • The Mini Melt Induction Heating System
  • Induction Heating Coils & After Sales Servicing

Induction Heating Induction Heating

Induction Heating equipment can be used to heat many conductive materials including Ferrous Metals, Non Ferrous Metals, Carbon, Carbon Based Composites, Conductive Gasses and Molten Glass.

Induction Heating Equipment ManufactureInduction Equipment Manufacture

Inductelec Limited are a UK based manufacturer of Induction Heating power supplies, ancillary equipment and related mechanical handling systems. We manufacture MF Induction Heating & RF Induction Heating equipment.

Induction Heating Equipment InstallationInduction Equipment Installation

Systems are available which can run at both high frequency and powers say 500kW at 200kHz as are Induction Heating units which run at frequencies into the mHz however these are normally for specialist applications.

Induction Heating Knowledge BaseKnowledge Base

Inductelec are specialist providers of Induction heating solution. We have the answers to your frequently asked questions in the field of Induction Heating.

Induction Heating

Welcome the leading provider of commercial Induction Heating Solutions. We also design manufacture and install our Induction Heating systems on a global scale. Like all high tech sector's, progress in induction heating technology has been extremely rapid. New materials switching technologies and advances in magnetic techniques have made applications that seemed impossible or impractical a possibility. Smaller more compact and significantly more efficient units can lead to massive savings in floor space and overall power consumption. We have expertise in all Induction Heating applications including Induction BendingInduction Brazing and Induction Soldering.

Technologically driven, coupled with a highly focused sensitivity for both the marketplace and its customers needs, Inductelec has an enviable track record with many of the worlds 'Blue Chip Companies' particularly those in the Automotive, Off-Shore, Aerospace, Power Generation, General Engineering, Consumer Appliances and Multi-Material Composites Markets which all utilise Induction Heating applications. We also offer our Mini Melt range of Induction Heaters for smaller applications.

Whether you are a company, university, laboratory with a specific application or are looking for information to establish if our technology can be utilised in your application please give us a call. We offer a knowledge base and a video library on typical Induction Heating applications. We are constantly working with our customers to provide environmentally friendly, safer and cleaner process than traditional methods, particularly in terms of efficiency, quality and repeatability levels. At the same time, providing manufacturers with vastly reduced operator training/skills, maintenance, spares and repair programmes.

Requiring much less standing floor area than conventional heating technology, Induction Heating equipment uses considerably less energy and are demonstrably faster than any other comparable processes. Not only is this form of heating able to provide a more highly targeted and focused heat source, but its controllability leads to significant improvements in consistency, repeatability, quality and finish. RF Induction Heating Equipment and MF Induction Heating Equipment is offered to suit your application.

Inductelec has built its reputation and business upon a personal and friendly service. If you have a requirement or wish to discuss a potential project or product with us then please pick up the telephone and speak to us. You will find us friendly, professional and accountable. Browse our website for more information about Inductelec and then contact us on 0114 272 3369 to speak to a member of our team or e-mail us on info@inductelec.co.uk.