Induction Bending

What is Induction Bending?

Many bending applications today utilise induction heating. Depending on the size or diameter of the material to be bent, units from 6kW to 500kW are available. The advantages include "in line production" and the ability to heat only the area required for the bend with the minimum of distortion and scale. Bar, strip and tube are all suitable for induction bending. Time cycles can be optimised and are kept as short as possible allowing a very efficient work flow to be achieved. As the heated area is clearly defined and controlled, the power required can be kept to a minimum resulting in highly energy efficient systems. The temperature, power and time can all be controlled resulting in complete repeatability.

What components are suitable for Induction Bending?

Almost any metal component can be selectively heated to any temperature required to bend. Typical applications include springs, tubes, bars, shafts, clutch plates, hand tools, garden and farming tools, horse shoes and many others.

Induction Brazing

Induction Bending for Fork Lifts

Bending for production of Fork Lift Forks. Heating large sections for the production of fork lift forks

Auxiliary Induction Bending Equipment & Services

All Inductelec Power Units can be interfaced with PLC and other external control systems via the integral CAN-bus interface. Inductelec also designs and manufactures a range of handling systems including rotary indexing tables, horizontal/vertical shaft hardeners, conveyor systems, shuttle systems and twin output systems to increase productivity. To complete the installation Inductelec can supply air blast water coolers, chillers or water to water cooling systems dependant on prevailing conditions and site considerations. The "Ultra-tec" range covers the frequency band from 100kHz up to 300kHz at power outputs from 3kW to 40kW. For much larger applications, we have another range of MF generators from 25kW up to 500kW operating at a lower frequency of 1kHz up to 10kHz.

Like all high tech sector's, progress in induction heating technology has been extremely rapid. New materials switching technologies and advances in magnetic techniques have made applications that seemed impossible or impractical a possibility. Smaller more compact and significantly more efficient units can lead to massive savings in floor space and overall power consumption.

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