Induction Heating Coils

Properties of Induction Heating Coils?

All induction heating systems require work coils/inductors. These coils vary in shape, size and complexity depending on the components to be treated and the process to be applied. They can vary in complexity and accuracy from a simple circular coil wound from 6mm copper tube to a fully machined single turn hardening coil with intensifiers. In many cases the importance of the work coil can be overlooked, however it should be understood that no matter how sophisticated the induction power unit is it is useless without the correct coil.

At Inductelec we understand the importance of the coil and have over the years become experts in their design and manufacture. Utilising FEA techniques and 3d drawing technology we are able to design coils of all types with optimised performance. By utilising our in house machining capability and highly skilled coppersmiths operating as they do from a purpose built facility at our Sheffield works. We are able to offer a comprehensive service for new design and repair which is second to none.

Vacuum Induction Heating Coil

Multi-Turn Induction Heating Coils?

Multi turn coils are typically used where a long heated length is required or in line continuous applications where a soak time is required for the heat to reach the centre of the component. Typical applications for wound coils are bar end heating, wire heating, melting, billet feeding and bending.

The construction of wound coils varies greatly mainly dictated by the size and geometry of the coil and the type of work to be undertaken. In its simplest form the coil is simply a number of turns of tube covered in glass fibre insulation and lined with a ceramic tube.

At its most complicated the coil will, be wound from an extruded square or flat tube typically 12mm sq or larger up to 25mm x 20mm for strength each coil is studded and fixed to an insulating leg. The whole coil is then hand taped before being varnished or in some cases vacuum impregnated. The whole unit is then placed in a heatproof box together with water cooled hard faced stainless steel rails and is potted in refractory cement. Other variants on this theme feature ceramic liners or simply a refractory bore.

Single-Turn Induction Heating Coils?

As with wound coils single turn coils come in a variety shapes sizes and complexities. The beauty of the single turn coil is that it is extremely robust, generally has a low voltage which reduces sparking and can produce extremely accurate heat at very high power densities.

Typically used for traverse hardening applications, single shot hardening, soldering and brazing etc. The single turn inductor at its simplest is a single ring of profile copper tube attached to a buss-bar. At its most complex the inductor will feature a fully machined profile head with strategically placed ferrite or iron loading materials to effectively deflect and concentrate the magnetic flux in a particular area.

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