Induction Melting

Inductelec Induction Melting

installations come in a variety of capacities and power outputs. All systems will consist of three or four basic elements.

Induction Melting Furnace Coil

Indirect Induction Melting

In this system clay graphite or other suscepting crucibles are used. The units are normally utilised for sample melting or for precious metal melting in the jewellery industry. In this system the power unit predominantly develops its power into the crucible and not the charge. For this reason it is extremely flexible as changes in the charge geometry, volume and magnetic properties have little effect on the power developed. Furnaces used can be simple pop up, manual tilt or Hydraulic tilt. The Inductelec mini melt range typically uses this approach.

Direct Coreless Induction Melting

This is the normal approach to production type applications in a foundry environment. The furnace lining is often a refractory cement or rammed lining. The induction power unit acts directly on the charge. Selection of the power unit not only depends on the melt time and furnace capacity but must take account of particle size and level of starting charge. As the magnetic field is acting directly on the charge, once molten a degree of electromagnetic stirring will occur.

Frequency selection needs to take account of particle size to prevent issues with current cancellation and also to ensure the correct level of stir is achieved. In difficult applications it is not uncommon for a heel to be used to initiate the melt process. Inductelec offer a range of solutions utilising power units from 10kW to 500kW output power in the range of frequencies from 500Hz to 200kHz together with a range of furnaces to suit a whole range of melting scenarios.

Vacuum Induction Melting

Vacuum melting systems are generally utilised for processing high purity specialised exotic alloys. However they can be utilised for stainless steel and other metals. The air tight chamber is designed to withstand the vacuum required. Once molten the metal can be poured either under the vacuum or a gas purged atmosphere.

Cold Crucible

Cold crucible technology is employed where pure alloys are required with minimal contamination. Inductelec offer a range of standard cold crucible equipment with volumes of 2cc to 15cc, 15 to 100cc to 1,000cc with suitable vacuum vessels and power units for each.

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