MF Induction Heater Generators

What is MF Induction?

The term "MF Induction" is traditionally used to describe induction generators designed to work in the frequency range from 1kHz up to 10kHz. Inductelec Ltd produce a whole range of power units from 50Kw up to 500Kw in this frequency band. These units are called the "D-Type" range and are used for a wide range of applications:- Skin Hardening, Brazing/Soldering, Adhesive and Paint Drying, Shrink Fitting, Sample Melting, Forging of medium to large components, Tempering, Annealing, and general heat treatment of a vast range of components including shafts, bearings, gears and various motor car components. The "D-Type" is a range of solid state equipment and features a digital control system.

150KW D Type MF Induction Heater

What are the Frequency Bands of MF Induction Heaters?

As previously stated the "D-Type" range covers the frequency band from 1kHz up to 10kHz. For higher frequencies, typically 50kHz up to 200kHz, we have another range of power units rated from 3kW up to 100kW. These units are used for small forging operations, sample melting and shallow case hardening 2mm or less. Again the power output is digitally controlled and variable to suit customer requirements. These units are normally referred to as "RF Inverters" and are very compact and easy to use. The power, time and temperature can be controlled ensuring a high yield of parts produced.

Auxiliary equipment & services of MF Induction Heaters

All Inductelec Power Units can be interfaced with PLC and other external control systems via the integral CAN-bus interface. Inductelec also designs and manufactures a range of handling systems including rotary indexing tables, horizontal/vertical shaft hardeners, conveyor systems, shuttle systems and twin output systems to increase productivity. To complete the installation "Inductelec" can supply air blast water coolers, chillers or water to water cooling systems dependant on prevailing conditions and site considerations.

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