Inductelec Mini Melting Systems

What is an Induction "Mini-Melt" System?

Whilst we build power units up to 500kW with tilting furnaces suitable for foundry use, we also have a specialist range of smaller manual, pop up and tilt type furnaces for sample melting and precious metal applications. The "Mini-Melt" units consist of an induction generator, a work station and a free standing cooler.

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Benefits of the Inductelec Mini-Melt

The principle advantage of the "Mini-Melt" system is the use of a suscepting crucible whereby the crucible and not the charge is heated, this massively increase flexibility as the power unit sees a constant non variable load. This is particularly advantageous when melting turnings and scrap of varying particle sizes and metallurgical properties. In addition the system is designed to require the minimum of installation.


What is the Capacity of an Induction "Mini-Melt" System?

Charge sizes can be from a few grams up to 30kg depending on the material to be melted. The choice of crucible material is influenced by the type of materials to be melted, melt temperature and contamination of the final melt.

Applications of the Induction "Mini-Melt" System?

The "Mini-melt" philosophy is to provide an efficient safe means of melting small amounts of metals quickly for analysis, assay, smelting, refining or small level production purposes. Many units are currently in use in the scrap metal, precious metals analysis industries not to mention research projects including vacuum melting and cold crucible applications.

What is the Power Unit on a "Mini-Melt" System?

The power unit can be 6kw up to 30kW as required with furnace capacities from 10g to 30kg. We have a number of "Mini-Melt" units on display at our factory and would be pleased to welcome you to view the equipment. If you contact us before visiting, we could arrange a demonstration melt on your own materials.

Types of Induction "Mini-Melt" Systems from Inductelec

The "Mini-Melt" can also be supplied with 2 furnaces and a changeover switch to switch power from one furnace to the other. This system is designed to increase output as one furnace can be charged whilst the other is melting. All "Mini-Melt" systems can have a second furnace along with a changeover switch retrospectively as demand increases.

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